It’s a smart move to include our bar hole plugs in your maintenance and repair strategy

Are our bar hole plugs part of your maintenance and repair strategy?

Finding damaged gas pipes for repair is an essential maintenance task carried out by all major utilities suppliers around the UK. No supplier wants to find a damaged or leaking pipe, but if they do, the priority is to rectify the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The bar holing method is used to find problem pipes as quickly as possible by making a small hole in the pavement. This approach is used by most utilities providers because it is quick and efficient, ensures the safety of those near the pipe is not compromised, and can be used without interrupting the service.

If left untreated, bar holes in the pavement or road can become pot holes, which can be a danger to pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. MW Polymers has designed and manufactured a range of permanent and reusable, pre-formed, non-toxic bar hole plug seals that can be used as a method of filling the hole.

Mike Wild, Managing Director of MW Polymers, commented: “We’ve been working in the gas industry for around 40 years now and understand the need to act quickly and efficiently – it is essential. We’ve applied an innovative and cutting-edge approach to a long-standing industry issue by using 3D printing technology as part of the moulding process to ensure consistency across the range. This is a great example of how new technology is being used to solve an historic issue.

Key features of the bar hole plugs created by MW Polymers include:

  • Easily inserted and removable (if required)
  • High quality and durable – the plugs are hard-wearing and do not stick together when the weather is hot or become brittle and crack in the cold
  • Variety – the plugs are available in a range of colours and sizes from 12 mm – 50 mm (other sizes can be created if required)
  • Environmentally friendly – owing to the chemicals used

Mike added: “When we’re developing products, the most important element is customer satisfaction –  we want our customers to be happy with the result. We’re committed to providing the best solutions possible, so we offer a flexible approach. We’re happy to work with our customers to establish what best meets their needs and modify our products where necessary.”

Are bar hole plugs a part of your maintenance and repair programme? Email: to find out how our product can work for you.