The power of Polyform

What do you know about the power of Polyform?


Repairs and maintenance are essential within the pipeline industry. Over time, pipes can suffer leaks due to damage, corrosion or age. This can be due to movement, disruptive ground works or the effects of time. Whatever the scenario, the priority is to repair the leak as quickly and efficiently as possible to prevent further damage and disruption to the supply chain.


Polyform was originally developed in the 1980s as an alternative to encapsulation products that required muffs, fabric or metal components. Before Polyform, when the repair and maintenance team were required to complete a repair, the process was to dig up the damaged or broken pipe, measure it and wait while a custom muff was created. This process was costly and time consuming.

The kits created by MW Polymers are designed with everything required to complete a repair in one kit, saving money, time and space. All important issues to our customers.

When repairing large diameter pipes, there were issues with fabric muffs as they could not cope with the quantity of resin required. The weight of the resin tended to pull the encapsulation bag downwards, meaning it was distributed around the repair unevenly. This issue is not applicable to Polyform as it is applied by hand using a spatula, ensuring it is consistently distributed around the repair area.


Fast forward almost 40 years and Polyform is still one of the best-selling MW Polymers products. It is approved to Gas Industry Standard (GIS) LC8, which is designed for the repair of leaking ferrous gas mains operating at pressures of 2 bar or less. It is also approved to UVDB and DIN 30658-1 standards for use in Europe.

Polyform is a two-part resin designed to be applied under live conditions. Once the two parts are combined and thoroughly mixed, the mixture becomes a putty-like consistency. Once this consistency has been achieved, the Polyform can be applied to a range of leaking or corroded joints in need of repair or maintenance.

There are several repair kits developed by MW Polymers that can be used in conjunction with Polyform:

  • Riser repair kit – ideal for smaller pipes and risers. The size of the kit makes it ideally suited for the tight spaces behind pipes and close to the wall
  • PE Repair kit – the only kit of its kind on the market, designed for repairing damaged or broken polyethylene (PE) pipes

Polyform has stood the test of time and offers a number of features and benefits for its users.

Features and benefits:

  • The kit contains everything required to complete a repair
  • Is available as a low pressure or medium pressure option
  • Can be applied to a range of pipes; steel, cast iron, ductile iron, plastic and polyethylene
  • Once cured, Polyform is flexible, waterproof and durable
  • It is designed to last for 50 years
  • On low pressure repairs, Polyform is approved for use without grit blasting
  • It is user-friendly
  • Using Polyform saves time and money

For more practical advice and guidance when using Polyform, download our user guide.

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