MW Polymers celebrates best-ever quarterly financial results

MW Polymers celebrates best-ever quarterly financial results!

The family-run business, which was founded in 1977, specialises in the manufacture of industrial sealants, adhesives and coatings. Between December 2018 and February 2019, the company broke its historic records for quarterly sales orders, turnover and profit despite ongoing Brexit uncertainty.

MW Polymers was founded in response to a need for leak sealing solutions within the Gas industry. Over 40 years later, husband and wife duo, Mike and Christina Wild continue to supply the Gas industry. With the support of their son Joe, the business has grown to what it is today.

Financial Director, Christina Wild, said: “Looking back to where we began, it’s fantastic to see the Company we are today. We are thrilled to see the results of our hard work paying off. Although we have been exceptionally busy since last Autumn, we are coping well. With steady year-on-year growth and projects on the horizon, the future looks exceptionally bright for MW Polymers.”

Following the announcement of a new strategic vision in 2018, the MW Polymers team have been focused on turning the vision into a reality. Many individual elements have been taken into consideration. From SMART objectives to improving internal processes.

The research and development side of the business has also undergone changes to ensure the company achieves its key strategic goals. Ensuring the team are working together as one, to reach the same end goals, is crucially important.

Joe Wild, Operations Director, said: “We hugely appreciate the effort our team have put in. As a ‘thank you’ to the team and to mark our latest achievement, we’ll be hosting a celebration dinner in the coming weeks. Over the last three years we have become one cohesive team. This has helped to streamline our operations, increase profitability and future-proof the business. We’re confident the strategic decisions we are taking today will secure the business now and for future generations.”