USA based Utility Company using PolyformTM on a 16”-60 psig dresser coupling

Project Overview

An American Utility company is currently grappling with a significant challenge related to the integrity of their 16″-60″ PSIG Dresser coupling. This issue has arisen due to the deterioration and corrosion of the gasket, a vital component within the coupling system. The consequence of this gasket corrosion is the occurrence of unwanted and troublesome leaks along the barrel of the coupling. These leaks pose a threat not only to the overall functionality of the coupling but also potentially to the safety and efficiency of the entire system it is a part of.

The presence of these leaks has necessitated immediate attention and a well-thought-out solution. They now find themselves in a position where addressing this problem effectively is of utmost importance to maintain the operational integrity of their equipment and prevent any potential disruptions or hazards.

MW Polymers Solution

MW Polymers undertook an intricate and all-encompassing strategy to confront the demanding issue of high-load vibrations occurring at a pressure of 60 psi. Their method encompassed the execution of a specialized welding procedure to affix sturdy straps, a solution aimed at efficiently dampening and controlling the disruptive vibrations. Following this, they meticulously employed PolyformTM, a reliable sealing material, to address the affected area. In their pursuit of a durable and dependable seal, they took great care to wrap PolyformTM around the pipe with exceptional precision.

The culmination of this meticulous process led to the creation of a highly effective and resilient seal, ultimately proving to be the ideal remedy for resolving the challenging situation at hand. MW Polymers’ ingenuity and attention to detail in implementing this solution resulted in the successful resolution of the high-load vibration problem at the specified pressure level of 60 psi.


A comprehensive and highly efficient repair operation was carried out, achieving the full and successful sealing of the leaking pipe. This pipe was situated in a particularly challenging environment, as it was located within a tidal region, which presented unique difficulties. Given the circumstances, the repair had to be executed with an exceptional sense of urgency, prompting the use of Polyform, a specialized and swift-acting sealing solution.

The swift response and effective utilization of Polyform not only resolved the issue promptly but also led to significant advantages for the American gas utility company. First and foremost, the expedited repair process ensured minimal disruption to the gas supply and, by extension, the service provided to customers. This timely intervention, in turn, translated into substantial cost savings as fewer resources were required to address potential complications and operational downtimes.

The net result of this efficient and well-executed repair effort was a substantial reduction in repair expenses, amounting to a noteworthy $25,000 (equivalent to approximately £18,750). This not only demonstrated the company’s commitment to minimizing costs but also underscored its ability to swiftly and effectively respond to critical infrastructure issues, ultimately ensuring the reliability of their services.

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