Permanent repair of corroded pipe clips on rises and laterals up to 3” Diameter MOBS has a 50 YEAR LIFE standard APPROVED TO GIS LC8

MW Polymers have designed an Anti-Corrosion sleeve system that protects corrosion found on metal pipework on mid & high rise buildings & protects against further corrosion.

This System is approved to Gas Industry Standard (GIS) LC8

Meets safety standard UL94 for flammability of plastic

The aesthetically designed sleeves, are quick & easy to fit

Supply remains uninterrupted with little or no disruption to the

Once the sleeve kit is fitted, resin is injected to prevent further

The resin purchased separately to the sleeve kit, reducing waste as cartridges can be used for multiple applications

Key Features

  • Supply Remains Uninterrupted
  • Single Person Application
  • Suitable For Internal & External Corroded Pipes
  • Galvanic Protection Included
  • Cost Effective vs Replacement
  • Bespoke Design Service

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