Low and Medium Pressure Pipe Repair System

Polyform is a two-part sealant, manufactured in the UK by MW Polymers, designed to permanently repair leaking, damaged or corroded pipes, joints and valves.

Once mixed together will form a non-slumping, robust consistency that can be easily applied to repair any shape and size main or fitting, without the need for clamps or encapsulation muffs.

Polyform is approved to Gas Industry Standard (GIS) LC8 & DVGW DIN Standard 30658 

Approved to a 50 year life standard

This system has been used extensively by the gas utilities for over four decades.

Polyform is the only approved product of its kind than can be used without grit blasting on low pressure applications.

Approved for use on live gas mains, ideal for situations where the pressure cannot be reduced, or the pipe flow cannot be stopped.

Available for

  • Low Pressure 75 mbar
  • Medium Pressure 2 Bar with the addition of the vent kit  (Product Code : 1623)

You can receive complimentary product training; please get in touch via phone or email for additional details.

Key Features

  • Gas Industry Standard (GIS) LC8 & DVGW DIN 30658
  • 50 Year Life Standard
  • No Grit Blasting On Low Pressure
  • Waterproof Once Cured
  • Apply Under Live Conditions
  • Permits Pipe Movement
  • Suitable For Single Person Application
  • No Clamps or Fittings Required
  • No Special Tooling Required

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