Innovative Polymer Products & Leakage Repair Solutions


Polyform™ and Medium Pressure Repair systems offer a flexible external repair system to help with leaking and damaged pipelines. The flexibility of these solutions makes them suitable for a wide range of issues, no matter how small, large or complex.


Ecoseal® is an injectable product that has been designed to permanently fix leaking joints. This is a very versatile product that’s flexible in its material to help repair even the most frustrating leaks. Ecoseal® is a must-have polymer product for any pipework joints that you find to be leaking.

P.E. Repair Kit

A P.E. Repair Kit is essential for helping to fix damaged holes in pipelines whilst under live conditions. Our P.E. repair kits are suitable for both gas and water pipes, and a variety of pipe materials — aside from P.E. pipes, the kit can be used to repair plastic pipes, steel, cast iron, and ductile iron. These kits make it possible to immediately stop leaks without special tools or equipment, and with a 50-year standard lifetime, you can rely on our P.E. repair kits for decades to come.

Bar Hole Plugs

Our permanent and reusable bar hole plugs are designed to fill bar holes and prevent them from turning into potholes if left untreated. These products are of the highest quality — they are durable in all weather, environmentally friendly, and easy to insert or remove if required.

MOBS Anti-corrosion
sleeve kits

MW Polymers have designed an Anti-Corrosion sleeve repair kit that repairs gas leaks and covers typical corrosion found on metal pipework on mid and high-rise buildings.


For all dead service insertions, PolyFoam is designed to help deliver a clean and precise application to your pipe issues. This product is not only easy to use, it can also be re-sealed and reused for multiple site applications.

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