Water Pipe Repair Solutions That Offer a Quick-Fix and Lasting Results

Since 1977, we’ve been providing the highest quality adhesives and sealants for pipe repair and maintenance. We design and manufacture polymer products that are safe, compliant with industry standards and regulations, effective, and long-lasting.

We’re able to solve problematic water pipework problems to ensure the continuous supply of drinking water to homes and businesses, and the safe transportation of wastewater.

We combine the convenience of a quick-fix with the cost-effectiveness of a lasting solution and permanent repair. With our water pipe repair solutions, you can immediately fix leaks and ensure that pipelines are properly maintained, preventing future leakage and further damage. All of our products can be easily applied without delay, and once cured, they last for up to 50 years, strengthening pipes and increasing their lifetime.

Water Leak Sealants and Adhesives That Meet Industry Requirements

We’re always researching and developing specialist products to provide effective solutions within the water industry. From clamps that can repair a wide range of issues, to sealants and adhesives that can restore damaged to corroded pipework, we design and manufacture polymer products specifically for applications in this sector.

Quick Fixes That Last a Lifetime

Leaks can require an immediate fix if you’re going to prevent further damage which is why our products are designed to be easy and fast to apply. You can quickly stop leaks and strengthen pipelines to prevent future issues.

Despite our products being fast and easy to apply, once cured they last a lifetime — up to 50 years.

Keeping Business Running As Usual with Safe Solutions

Whether it’s a pipework issue at home or in the workplace, water pipe leaks can disturb your business and daily life. Our solutions put a stop to pipework issues so that you can keep business running as usual.

By offering only the safest water pipe sealants and adhesives, we make sure our products repair your pipes for good so that you don’t have to deal with any unexpected issues further down the line.

Expert advice and support for your water repairs

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