MW (Polymer Products) Ltd Ethical Sourcing Policy and Statement of Intent

MW Polymer Products Ltd. commits to


  • Understanding our supply chains, including health and safety, environmental, labour and human rights issues
  • Expecting responsible behaviour, as well as quality and value
  • Working with suppliers to make improvements, where their practices fall short of our expectations.
  • Withdrawing from contracts where improvement is impossible.
  • Respecting suppliers’ confidential information and running fair selection processes.
  • Making payments in accordance with our contractual commitments


Under the ethical, social and environmental criteria, suppliers are assessed, among other things, on:


  • Compliance with relevant legislation and regulations
  • Use of energy and other natural resources.
  • Respect for confidentiality
  • Whether they have a civic and responsible attitude
  • Whether they have principles for action defining their commitments and priorities
  • Whether they have an environment policy


These assessments are reviewed jointly with our suppliers and lead to an improvement plan being drawn up if necessary.


MW Polymer Products Ltd’s policy is to seek to purchase goods and services which:


  • Are produced and delivered under conditions that do not involve the abuse or exploitation of any persons.
  • Have the least negative impact on the environment.


Ethical sourcing practices


MW Polymer Products Ltd’s policy addresses ethical issues: the key focus is to uphold fundamental human rights, to protect workers and to act within the law.


  • Afford their employees the freedom to choose to work for them.
  • Employees should be free to leave the supplier after reasonable notice is served.
  • Suppliers should not use forced, bonded or non-voluntary prison labour.


  • Establish recognised employment relationships with their employees that are in accordance with their national law and good practice. Suppliers should not seek to avoid providing employees with their legal or contractual rights.


  • Can demonstrate a commitment to equality of opportunity for individuals and groups enabling them to live their lives free from discrimination and oppression.
  • Impose working hours on their staff which are compliant with national laws or industry standards.


  • Under no circumstances abuse or intimidate, in any fashion, employees and have appropriate disciplinary, grievance and appeal procedures in place.
  • Work within the laws of their country
  • Take appropriate measures to ensure the health and safety of their workforce and the wider public.


  • Support our view that the long-term elimination of child labour is ultimately in the best interests of children and have taken measures to ensure that child labour is not utilised in their operations.
  • Do not support, encourage, or facilitate the trade in drugs, arms, tobacco, slavery, or prostitution; and
  • Offer wages and benefits that at least meet relevant industry benchmarks or national legal standards.

We will encourage ethical sourcing practices among our suppliers, partner organisations and the broader market.