P.E. Repair Kits

Low-Pressure Polyethylene Pipe Repairs

The P.E repair kit system is for the immediate remediation of damage holes in polyethylene pipelines whilst under live* conditions

Approved for use on live gas mains to Gas Industry Standard (GIS) LC8 & DVGW Din Standard 30658

The kit enables the operator to immediately stop the leak, minimising the disruption to supply

Typical examples of damage would be a digger bucket tooth strike or puncture caused during excavation

This system is a cost effective alternative to ‘cut outs’

Key Features

  • No Squeeze Off
  • No Clamps
  • Instant Repair
  • Single Person Application
  • Allows For Pipe Misalignment
  • Excellent Flexibility
  • Waterproof Once Cured
  • Up To & Including 100 Millibar

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