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Effective Solutions to Your Pipeline Leak Repair within 48 Hours

For over four decades MW Polymers have manufactured systems for the immediate repair of distribution gas, process industry and water pipe systems.
Trusted by the largest names in the utility industry to deliver effective solutions for pipeline repairs within 48 hours.
All our repair systems are designed with the end user in mind, easy to apply, universal in application and approved to Gas Industry Standards (GIS), providing a 50-year seal

Speak with our experienced team to find the right Solution  to your pipeline repair

Our dedicated team, many with decades of experience in the manufacture and application of sealants and adhesives, are committed to working with you to find a solution to repair and rehabilitate the integrity of your pipeline systems.
As a family-owned business, we recognise our responsibility to our customers, guided by a conscious commitment to ethical and moral practices.
Our team are naturally explorative and innovative, continually setting the highest standards for our products, driven to fulfilling our customers’ expectations.

Innovative and Safe Solutions for Every Industry, Every Time

We have gained a reputation for innovation and forward-thinking solutions that are ideally suited for use in all  industries for both above and beneath ground repairs.






We expect ourselves to deliver excellent performance at all times

Committed to manufacturing quality, reliable, robust products, service, and support for our clients, Achieving complete customer satisfaction is central to our business philosophy and this is reflected through our actions, relationships, processes, and operations.
We hold multiple industry accreditations and have demonstrated our commitment  to the highest safety standards.