Live Repair to leaking spindle

Project Overview

In the eastern Polish city of Wesola, a crucial gas supply line serving 24,000 residents faced a major problem. The spindle, responsible for controlling the gas flow, had a irreparable crack, jeopardizing the community’s well-being. Urgently, a skilled team of technicians and engineers took on the challenging task of repairing it under live conditions.

Their dedication to the community’s welfare and their technical expertise were evident as they meticulously repaired the spindle. This crisis highlighted the need for swift infrastructure responses, especially when thousands of lives depend on them. The successful repair ensured the city’s residents continued to enjoy a safe and uninterrupted gas supply.

The term “fusion joint” typically refers to a method of joining two sections of a pipeline by melting the ends of the pipes and fusing them together to create a seamless and durable connection. When such a joint begins to leak, it poses significant risks, including potential environmental hazards and service disruptions. This made the repair task all the more urgent and essential.

MW Polymers Solution

The extensive repair process of the valve began with meticulous attention to detail. To ensure the valve’s optimal performance, the initial step involved grit blasting the valve, which effectively removed any surface contaminants and corrosion, restoring it to a state of pristine, sound metal. This painstaking procedure was crucial to prepare the valve for the subsequent stages of restoration.

Following the grit blasting, a critical component of the repair was the installation of an MW Polymers vent kit. This kit played a vital role in facilitating the efficient venting of gases, ensuring the safe and controlled release of pressure from the system. It was an essential step in the overall refurbishment process, designed to improve the functionality and reliability of the valve.

Subsequently, an MW Polymers pre-coat kit was expertly applied to the valve. This pre-coat kit served the essential purpose of eliminating any lingering moisture, which, if left unaddressed, could compromise the valve’s integrity and performance. Additionally, the pre-coat kit served as a protective layer, effectively priming the valve for the final stages of the restoration, bolstering its resilience against environmental factors and wear.

In a testament to the precision and craftsmanship of the repair work, a new spindle kit was custom-manufactured by MW Polymers, tailored to the unique specifications of the valve. This new spindle kit represented a critical component of the repair, as the previously cracked spindle had been the root cause of the issue. The installation of this spindle kit was carried out with meticulous care and precision.

To complete the comprehensive restoration of the valve, Polyform™, a specialized sealing and bonding material, was applied to affix the new spindle kit securely to the valve body. Polyform™, known for its exceptional durability and sealing properties, not only ensured the spindle’s stability but also provided an additional layer of protection to safeguard the valve’s long-term functionality.

This extensive and multi-faceted repair process demonstrated the dedication and expertise of the repair team, as they spared no effort to restore the valve to its optimal working condition. The careful execution of each step in the repair procedure guaranteed that the valve would once again perform reliably, serving its vital role in the supply of gas to the community while standing resilient against potential challenges in the future.


The decision to keep the main feed gland connected during repairs offered a dual benefit. It ensured customers maintained uninterrupted gas supply, averting inconveniences and safety concerns. Additionally, this approach saved $12,237.67, which could be reinvested in the utility company’s operations, benefiting infrastructure, safety measures, and community upgrades. Businesses relying on consistent gas supply also experienced uninterrupted operations, supporting local economic vitality. This decision showcased a customer-centric strategy, underscoring the utility company’s commitment to reliability and prudent financial management, benefiting both the company and the community.

PE Repair Kit on fusion joint
Scottish Utility firm using PolyformTM & Ecoseal on a Gas Holder